ACG Nyström is the leading supplier of all types of industrial sewing machines for the textile and clothing industry in Sweden, the Baltic states and the Ukraine. ACG Nyström can supply you with the latest technology when it comes to sewing, cutting and bonding, ultrasonic welding and hot air welding.

It is important to find the right machine for your production to achieve the best results. When you buy an industrial sewing machine from ACG Nyström, you can be sure that you get a machine that is tested and approved by our very high standards, both in terms of quality and technology. All the machines we sell are CE marked.

Our suppliers are leading sewing machine manufacturers like Juki,  Pfaff , Typical, Pegasus, Garudan, Strobel among others.

Spare parts and accessories
We stock spare parts and accessories for most clothing and textile machinery in order to meet our customers’ demands for quick service.